Pest Inspections

termite damage
With Queensland having the perfect environment for termites to thrive in it is imperative that the company you choose to inspect and report on your property do it thoroughly.

Thermal Imaging Technology
Thermal Imaging Technology cannot be used alone when trying to identify potential termite infestations as it is only effective at identifying large masses of termite infestations, such as large sub-nest or predominant mud-leads. At 360 Building and Pest Inspections we not only use the latest in Thermal Imaging Technology to effectively identify any termite infestations but also use state of the art Moisture Meters to identify and locate Termite Risk Areas. These areas are where there are increased moisture levels in the shelter tubes hidden behind walls, as well as high moisture conditions that encourage subterranean termite infestations.

When you invest in a home you want to make sure you know what you are getting. Many companies use a builder holding a General Pest Licence to carry out both the Building Inspection and Pest Inspection, saving themselves time and money and causing you heartache in the long run. At 360 Building and Pest Inspections we pride ourselves on our honest, thorough work. We employ only qualified Pest Controllers that specialise in timber pests and ensure that the following inspections are carried out when at your home (if accessible).
• All timber and structural frames
• Joists
• Rafters
• Bearers
• Internal Joinery
• Landscaping Timbers and Sleepers
• Trees
• Tree stumps
We strongly recommend that you have both a Building and a Pest Inspection carried out if you are purchasing a home.