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Greg Phillips owner of 360 Building and Pest inspections.

It’s a series of little warnings – the cracked paint on the walls, the shallow mud tubes collecting in the corners, the wood echoing hollowly beneath your feet. Your thoughts shake with suspicion, even as a realtor offers assurances (promising that this sturdy little bungalow is built to last). There’s something… wrong, you know, and you fear it could be termites.

360 Building and Pest Inspections shares your concern. This is why we deliver building and pest inspection to Strathpine, connecting you to the support you deserve. We work for you, not your realtor; and we emphasise efficiency with every report.

360 Building and Pest Inspections: About Us

As a premier building and pest inspection service, we promise exceptional service. Our experienced team – led by Greg Phillips, a member of the Master Builders Association, the Housing Industry Association, and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission – surveys every property with the greatest of care. They recognise the dangers of termite infestations and strive to counter those dangers with the latest methodologies. They promise quality results.

They also promise convenience. All building and pest inspections in Strathpine receive easy-to-read reports. Instantly understand all concerns, with simple language and photographic evidence.

The Necessity of Building and Pest Inspections in Strathpine

As the leading providers of building and pest inspections, the 360 team understands the ever-present threat of infestation. According to a study commissioned by Griffith University, termites wreak havoc on Australian homes each year – affecting 10% of the total property population and requiring approximately $1500 in annual treatments per case. This generates more than $4 million in total damages.

These numbers prove troubling, especially when they could be so easily countered. Proper building and pest inspections could significantly reduce termite attacks: identifying possible issues and allowing homeowners to develop proactive solutions. Detection provides prevention.

Choosing Building and Pest Inspection Services

To ensure that all building and pest inspections deliver peerless results, the 360 team offers our clients a variety of services, including thermal imaging, moisture meter technology, and thorough examinations. They painstakingly observe all joists, rafters, bearers, and more – ensuring that each property is structurally secure.

They then pair this precision with in-depth reports, highlighting the entire building and pest inspection process. These reports showcase all issues (both internal and external) and note any signs of sub-nest infiltrations. This ensures that our clients can win the termite war.

Don’t ignore your instincts. Contact 306 Building and Pest Inspections instead to examine your property for potential termite damage:


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