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Greg Phillips owner of 360 Building and Pest inspections.

It’s a series of little warnings – the cracked paint on the walls, the shallow mud tubes collecting in the corners, the wood echoing hollowly beneath your feet. Your thoughts shake with suspicion, even as a realtor offers assurances (promising that this sturdy little bungalow is built to last). There’s something… wrong, you know, and you fear it could be termites.

It’s a traditional Queenslander – all timber frames and sprawling porch, a picket fence framing the garden. It’s perfectly priced and perfectly styled, and your fingers long for a pen. You want to sign the dotted line and move in… immediately.

360 Building and Pest Inspections suggests a little patience. While this home may indeed prove charming, it could also prove budget-consuming, connecting you to sagging roof tiles, cracked trusses, crumbling piers, and other dangerous defects. Let our qualified team seek out these issues, providing you with superior building inspections.

360 Building and Pest Inspections: About Us

As the leading provider of pre-purchase building inspections in Chermside, we have one responsibility: to ensure the wellbeing of our clients. To accomplish this, we follow the standards of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, emphasising quality results. We carefully examine all properties and identify all potential concerns in an efficient (and thorough) manner.

Never underestimate the importance of building inspections. Seek comprehensive reports and professional support instead. Contact us today to begin.

Building Inspections in Chermside: Our Services

To promote superior building inspections, we offer a variety of services. These services (all rising to QBCC standards) include:

  • Structural Examinations.
  • Water Leakage Examinations.
  • Roof Exterior Examinations.
  • Footing Examinations.
  • Timber Framing Examinations.
  • Water System Examinations.
  • Pest Infestation Examinations, and more.

We ensure the safety of our clients, with building inspections revealing all potential safety hazards. We investigate all issues and then compile them into easy-to-read reports. These reports (which contain photographic summaries, as well as recommended solutions) allow individuals to assess the condition of every property fully – and determine whether they wish to continue with the purchasing process or instead re-evaluate their options.

Building Inspections: Our Quality Guarantee

As the premier provider of building inspections in Chermside, we emphasise the importance of customer satisfaction. We don’t, therefore, place the interests of realtors above those of the buyers. We instead work exclusively for our clients, providing them with the service and support they need. We guarantee honesty with every report.

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The house seems without flaw; a cosy little Queenslander tucked on a corner lot. It has everything you want. It could also, however, have everything you fear. With age comes structural damage and weakened foundations, leaving you with an empty bank account and an uncertain future. Get an inspection to avoid both.

Contact 360 Building and Pest Inspections today to ensure that this home is the right home.

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