Thorough Building and Pest Inspection in Boondall

Are you in the market for a new home? Do you want to be sure your new residence is free from pests and pest damage? 360 Building and Pest Inspections is here to help. For over fifteen years we have been performing building and pest inspection in Boondall, and during that time we have cultivated a reputation as a friendly and reliable company.

When you hire us to perform a building and pest inspection in Boondall, you can be confident that you are getting a company that works for you. We are only interested in ensuring you have all the information you need when deciding whether to purchase a home or other structure. We work for you, not the realty company, and we guarantee not to steer you wrong.

Our building and pest inspection in Boondall is comprehensive. We visually inspect every area of your home for signs of pest damage. We understand that visual inspection alone is not enough to find traces of pests, such as termites, which is why we also use thermal imaging technology.

Thermal imaging helps us locate large masses of pests, but is not enough on its own to find all the places termites hide in your potential home, and that is why we use moisture meters in conjunction with thermal imaging. Moisture meters detect areas of increased moisture—prime sources for termite breeding.

If you want to know if the residence or commercial building you are interested in purchasing has pests, schedule a consult with 3660 Building and Pest Inspections today. We are available seven days a week for your convenience.