Bribie Island Building and Pest Inspections

Call for 360 Building and Pest Inspections in Bribie Island Before You Buy

Are you looking for Bribie Island building and pest inspections? If you’re buying a new property—be it a house or a space for your business—then having an inspector examine it is a necessity. Pests or building defects can be costly to fix and can make your building difficult or impossible to re-sell. 360 Building and Pest Inspections can help by providing thorough, foundation-to-roof searches.

Problems 360 Building and Pest Inspections Addresses

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections on Bribie Island are meant to identify any defects or infestations that might affect your decision to buy a property. By investing in one of these inspections, you can avoid a situation where you buy a home or commercial property and then discover that it has significant flaws. At 360 Building and Pest Inspections, we not only give our clients this benefit but also solve several common problems that you might experience with other inspection firms. These issues include:

The wrong technology: Some building and pest inspectors only use thermal imaging to spot the presence of termites. While thermal imaging is an integral part of the equation, though, it isn’t enough by itself to identify an infestation. At 360 Building and Pest Inspections, we also use moisture meters, which help us find termite risk areas more effectively.

  • Difficult-to-read reports: An inspection report is only useful if you can understand it and use it towards actionable means. At 360, we provide detailed, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports for each inspection, complete with photographic evidence of our findings.
  • Missed details: Some inspectors focus on pests, while others look for building defects. By offering both types of Bribie Island building inspections, we provide the comprehensive inspection you truly need.

Key Questions to Ask 360 Building and Pest Inspections about Bribie Island Building and Pest Inspections

At 360 Building and Pest Inspections, we are extremely thorough with our inspections. If there is anything to be found in a property you are thinking about buying, there is an excellent chance we will find it. You don’t need to ask us to look at a specific part of the house, because we try to hit everything in the course of our inspections. However, here are a couple of questions you might ask us before we start your inspection:

  • Are there any accessibility problems’: From the floor to the rafters and roof, we will check every part of your house that we can reasonably reach or access. Ask us on our initial walkthrough if any accessibility issues might affect the thoroughness of your report.
  • ‘Can you get the inspection report to me same-day?’: In most cases, we try to deliver a 24-hour turnaround (or faster) on our inspection reports. However, if you need a report urgently the same day as the inspection occurs, just ask us ahead of time, and we will make every attempt to comply.

Of course, if you have any other questions about the services we provide or the tools we use, we are happy to answer them.

Why Trust 360 for Building Inspections in Bribie Island?

At 360 Building and Pest Inspections, we know that deciding to purchase a property is both a big decision and a significant investment. We also know what it’s like to buy a home or building only to realise later that there was some problem hiding just out of site. For 15 years, we have been helping buyers just like you avoid this fate. Contact us today to engage our Bribie Island building and pest inspections.